Why a PET CT is done and how it is done

A PET scan is also known as the positron emission tomography scan and it is an imaging test which helps the doctor to check some particular diseases in a human body.

The PET scan centres in Mumbai uses a special dye which has some radioactive tracers while this test is done. These tracers are mostly injected into a vein of the patient’s arm. Then the body organs and tissues easily absorb the tracer. When it is highlighted under the PET scanner the tracers can help the doctors to find out how the tissues and organs are working. This particular scan test is mainly done to measure the oxygen use, blood flow and glucose metabolism in a human body.

This is mainly an outpatient procedure.  One does not need to stay overnight in the hospital on the day of the test, they can easily go home after the test is done.

Now the question is why a PET scan is done? A doctor can prescribe a PET scan so that they can inspect the oxygen intake, blood flow and metabolism rate of organs and tissues. This scan is mainly done to detect diseases like,


Brain disorders

Heart problems

If one have problems with the central nervous system.

This test is not like other MRI or CT scans and this one shows if there is a problem at the cellular level. Once this test is done, the doctors can get a better view of some complex diseases like,

Coronary artery disease

Memory disorders

Brain tumours


When PET CT scan is used to detect cancer it can allow the doctors to see how the cancer metabolises and how much it has spread or whether it has metastasized to new areas. This scan also shows whether the tumour is responding to the chemotherapy or not.

This scan also involves some radioactive tracers. But in this case the exposure to harmful radiation is very minimal. The level of the radiation is too low and so it hardly affects the normal processes of a human body. The risks related to this test are very normal when it is compared with the benefits.

But yes, if a woman is pregnant, then radiation application is not at all considered safe for the developing foetuses. In fact, even after the delivery if the woman is still breast feeding then also it is safe to stay away from this scan. Sometimes when PET scan is combined with a CT scan then it can be harmful to people especially when they have kidney diseases or one who has elevated creatinine level.

The doctors always give the basic instructions on how a patient should prepare for a PET scan. Some may be instructed to not to eat anything for up to at least 8 hours before the procedure begins. They should only be drinking water.

Before the scan happens, the tracers are injected through the vein and then after an hour the process begins. Then the result of a PET CT Mumbai is diagnosed by a doctor.

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