What to Consider while Buying a Water Play Table?

Water can be a great play thing and almost every child loves to play with it. If you stop your kid from playing into water to save her/him from catching cold, s/he will get more interested in it and try to play without your knowledge.  In that situation, why not give a water table to your kid with which s/he will enjoy playing?

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Benefits of Water Play Tables

There are incredible benefits of sand and water table for kids. They teach children to use their fine motor skills, work together with other children, and increase problem-solving skills and communication. A water play table from Step2 Direct can be a great long-term investment for a private home or school use. Here are some points you should consider while choosing the best one.

What to Consider?

For choosing the best water table for your kid, you should consider certain factors including your budget, space available for using as well as storing the table and the age of the child. Today different brands of sand and water tables are available in various sizes and with a number of attractive features.

Doing your homework and deciding when and where your kids will be using the water play table will make the buying process easier. Keeping the following factors in mind will help you find just the right table for you.

What is a Water Play Table?

A water play table is a low table having at least two basins and four legs. One side of the table holds water while the other holds sand. Some small-sized tables have only one basin. Kids can walk around all sides of the table so that they can play with either sand or water as per their wish.

A few sand and water toys too are available normally with the tables. These include small buckets, shovels and boats. Even paper or plastic cups make fun toys.

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For Which Age Group?

Sand and water tables are excellent for children in the age group of 1 to 6; however, some older kids too can enjoy them. A smaller water play table would be best suitable for a smaller child, while larger tables are perfect for older and taller children or for households where multiple kids will play at the table at the same time.

Consider the Size

Consider spaces available in your home for using and storing the water play table. If you have got a larger area and your budget allows, consider larger tables. If it’s not so, consider smaller tables. Sometimes a cover is available to keep it clean while storing. Some tables have extra play areas on top like ‘roads’ to allow playing with cars. This makes the toy more versatile suitable to children’s short attention span.


  • You may get various features in the water play tables like waterfalls or water wheels. Children love the activity of filling up buckets and pouring the contents out. This may cause a big mess as children are bound to mix water and sand together to form mud.
  • To protect children playing with the water table outside the house, you can consider buying a table with a built-in umbrella.
  • Tables with only one basin can save space as well as money. It also reduces the amount of mud created by children playing with a double-basin table. You can place sand in the single basin on cool days and water on hot days.

Precautions to Take

Kids are sure to get wet and messy while playing at the water play table and this is the reason why they love this activity so much. You should make sure that the play area can deal with water and sand, and children are dressed appropriately. Keep towels and vacuum cleaner at hand.

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