Wedding Attire and Planning Ideas in Miami Florida

When you’re looking for planning your wedding, the most important aspect of the wedding is the venue of the wedding. The venue of the wedding would be deciding the entire theme and attire of the wedding as well as the way in which it is arranged as well. That is why, when you’re looking for wedding planning ideas, you have to 1st look into the venues and then choose one as well as entertainment. We have listed some of the most spectacular venues in Miami when you’re planning a wedding in the city. The venues range from Cathedrals to the private Villas as well depending on your tastes and requirements.

  1. Comber Hall:

This hall in the church of Little flower is as elegant as it gets. It was constructed in 1925 and the interiors of the hall still reflect the heritage of that time. If you look at the street outside the church, it is a street between lines of trees which makes it look even more beautiful. If you’re looking for a hotel nearby for your special day, then you can easily head to the Biltmore Hotel.

  1. The club of Knights:

If you’re looking for a more romantic venue which can consist of a ballroom as well as a courtyard to host your guests, then this one is the perfect option for you. It is also large enough to support live entertainment with LED robots and the lack of smoke detectors enables the ability to have a fog machine as well. This venue is a great option to entertain all the guests at the event.

  1. St George Cathedral Hall:

This hall is located on the premises of St George Cathedral. The size of the venue is pretty huge with area of 3400 ft.² which would ensure that you are never short on space. In the ideal setting, it can easily accommodate up to 250 guest. This is a place for more conservative clothing so when shopping for bridesmaids dresses make sure to not show the shoulder or cleavage.

  1. Vizcaya:

The main USP of this is that it is located on the Biscayne Bay and has extensive gardens and a large courtyard and direct access to the bay. If you’re looking for a more vintage style of wedding, this is one of the best options for you. The interior for a villa also has more than enough space for hosting a party as well.

So, when you’re looking into the wedding venues in Miami, you have to know about these options and you have to give them a visit in order to better understand whether any of these suit your taste or not. Most of these venues are booked months in advance and therefore; make sure that you book them in advance for your wedding.