Using Footnote Plus a Plagiarism Checking Website

There are different methods you can use to be able to avoid plagiarism. Such methods include using citation styles, various referencing styles, quotation marks, and paraphrasing. One type of citation style is the use of footnotes. To be able to avoid committing plagiarism using footnotes, continue reading the article below. In addition, you will also learn from this article how to use a plagiarism checking website to avoid plagiarism. Read more to find out.

Footnotes Defined

Footnotes are notes that you put at the bottom of a page. To be able to put a footnote, you should put a superscript number at the end of the sentence you want to explain more or you want to cite. You should then put your citation or explanation at the bottom of the same page where the sentence with the superscript number is also located. This way, the person reading your paper can easily see that note that you want them to see while reading your paper.

Footnotes for Additional Information

The main use of a footnote is for you to explain a certain part of your paper that should not be included in the body of your paper since it is not relevant to be included there. There may be times when you still want to extrapolate or explain a certain topic more but doing so will ruin the flow of your discussion. When such is the case, you should make use of a footnote to explain a certain potion of your paper. Put a superscript number at the end of the sentence containing the information you want to explain more. You should then put your explanation at the bottom of that exact same page.

Footnotes for Citation

You can make use of footnotes to cite. To use a footnote, add a superscript number at the end of a sentence containing the borrowed information. You should then put the source at the bottom of the exact same page. This way, you will not be stealing the information you only have borrowed from someone else.

Footnotes and a Plagiarism Checking Website

It really is helpful to use a footnote so that you can avoid committing plagiarism by using the note as a citation. However, it will still be a big help if you use aplagiarism checking website. This tool is what you can use to avoid committing plagiarism. It helps you detect duplicate contents and also indicates to you the percent originality of your work. Therefore, you can know if your paper has committed plagiarism. If it does, it will point out to you the parts where you committed plagiarism and so you can modify these parts to avoid plagiarism.