Tips to be consider while booking Hajj Packages

Travelling to Hajj is one of the dreams for every Muslim all over the world, as the booking for Hajj 2017 travel has started here are the few important tips to be considered before picking the suitable Hajj packages with Hajj package providers.

First of all, make sure whether you are preferring shifting or Non-Shifting Hajj Packages for your travel. To be open shifting and non-shifting packages is nothing but offering accommodation facility in nearby the Masjid or Haram. Since, there has been huge demand for the accommodation in Masjid or haram among the pilgrims from all over the world; it’s hard to find sufficient accommodations on those places. However, the management authorities are currently under the expansion project which might offer sufficient accommodation facilities in those places. Booking shifting packages would be the best if planned to stay nearby those holy places.

Tips for picking the suitable packages from the travel agents after deciding the shifting or non-shifting

  1. Before getting engaged with the travel agents, always compare and cross check whether the services offered by the respective travel agent with other agents. So that it would gives you the opportunities of picking the best service providers in terms of travel arrangements.
  2. Next, looking for the value added service which can be termed as the bonus included in the regular packages by the service providers. Certain packages would gives you the extra benefits to have you pilgrimage smooth and hassle less.
  3. Check whether the respective tour agency have good reputation among the previous travelers when it comes to arranging tour guide. In general, tour guides would be a well experienced person and should be well knowledge with details information about the visiting places. If you are traveling for the first time, make sure you know necessary information and should visit the holy place with the agent who ready to educate about the journey.
  4. Never hesitate to book female as they could be a added benefits for the women who traveling to those holy places with you.
  5. It’s better to skip the hajj packages offering meals while visiting Makah and Medina, since you can find lots of places to eat and drink in nearby those praying places. To be frank, book packages along with the hotel buffets would cost an extra time and also a big distraction from your plan. Most importantly it could save you lot of money.