The Science of Vastu & Vastu Shastra – The Tips by Pallavi Chhelavda That Can Enrich Your Life

The science of vastu is a perpetual bridge between the mysterious and magnificent world is capable of diverting one’s destiny towards a prosperous and peaceful life. Vastu gives us practical and useful tips on how to create a harmonious and healthy living and work environment. It helps in increasing the constructive energies and trims down the negative energies thereby increasing the positive influence of amassed result of energies and as such the effect of the same can be felt by the individuals inhabiting the configuration where Vastu principles have been applied.

Vastu as a science is in no way connected to performing the rituals before renovating or buying the house. It can help individuals in getting rid of defects which cannot be separated by other means such as rituals or astrology. Vastu element has lot to do with Real Estate. It is an ancient science of directions which helps in building up concord with the five fundamental elements of universe. Vastu means the physical setting and Shastra means the knowledge.Pallavi Chhelavda is a celebrated Feng Shui specialist who has been responsible for spreading millions of smiles all over the globe owing to her twenty six year old practice in consultancy on Vastu and Feng Shui.

Vastu is a discipline that is complete itself and can bring contentment to the whole world. It settles on the exacting position of the diverse parts of a structure or building in keeping with this chart. It puts forward that though its application is uncomplicated, one can afford to perpetrate errors. It also believes that configurations should be built as to suit every one. Vastu is the antique mystic science of building and designing. Vastu is a part of Vedas, which are assumed to be four to five thousand years old.

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are very comparable concepts. Vastu were perceptibly formulated keeping in view, the celestial influence of the sun, its heat and Light, solar energy, the moon position, the directions of wind, the earth’s magnetic field and the influence of outer space on our planet. Vastu is a discipline, which deals with the creation of a pleasant energy field in a structure. It is essentially all about formation of this delicate conducive atmosphere in a structure. It is a part of Vedic knowledge that tells us how to arrange our offices and homes efficiently, effectively and in a manner that will attract good fortune and luck.

Vastu Sastra is a scattered and voluminous primeval Indian literature dealing with knowledge of iconography architecture, and art relating to buildings and structures. According to Pallavi Chhelavda , vastu is a complete comprehension of geography, direction, topography, environment and physics. It places, orientates, and dictates the proportions of every detail as in skylines, building lines, elongations, slopes, levels, water tanks (overhead and underground), bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, staircase, heights of roofs and ceilings, entrances and loci of windows and doors, compound walls and soon. Vastu endows prosperity and peace to all mankind.Jeanne D’Arc Dracut|Best Collateral Sacramento|Zachary Setzer charlotte|Greenhouse ATS Software|Innovations Callaway|Asgard Capital Markets|

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