The Love For Coffee- Emile Haddad Seattle Tells Why and How?

Coffee has been a favorite beverage for ages, but very few people are aware of the benefits of consuming coffee, especially, in places of work. Emile Haddad Seattle is one of the most trusted business coaches, who have keen interest in coffee and its effects and benefits, particularly in a workplace.  He works as the principal consultant at Catalyst Business Coaching and Consulting, LLC and teaches entrepreneurs how to behave at a workplace.

Coffee has multiple benefits, and to top the list is the fact that it has the ability to improve to productivity within a place of work. Researchers have revealed that this invention of the 20th century has caused those employees who take coffee breaks during office hours to enhance their productivity considerably.

Coffee comes in numerous varieties and one of the newly founded varieties is the “Bulletproof” coffee, says one of the blogs of Emile Haddad Seattle an avid coffee lover and endorser. The ordinary coffee is made ‘bulletproof’ by making it a concoction with coconut oil and butter. This coffee is one that has proved to bring remarkable changes within a drinker such as a completely focused mind, weight loss and a huge energy boost.

This new formula of coffee was readily accepted by all those who wanted to begin their in a more active way. In fact, a lot of people who consumed this, preferred to take just this coffee, with birth like after taste, as their breakfast in place a proper traditional wholesome breakfast. However, not everyone is in love with its taste.

It is reportedly found that coffee has the capacity to aid in the healing process of workers; workers, who have to constantly sit at a desk, find a lot of relief on the consumption of coffee, as it helps in reducing the pain caused by constant sitting in one place.

The most apparently functionality of coffee is its sociable nature; this is one of those beverages over which no one would mind socializing. As a matter of fact, coffee becomes the reason for meeting up with friends and loved ones! Even in a corporate scenario, where people are engrossed in meeting their targets, coffee is the one thing that brings all the employees together to beat the pressure of work.

It has even been noticed that the coffee drinkers within a workplace are way happier than those who do not drink it and acts as a great social interaction catalyst. Scientists, lab technicians, marketing professionals related to PR, writers, editors, education and healthcare administrators are among those who are found to be the greatest consumers of coffee.

The often noticed sleepy workers are found to be more energetic after they drunk some coffee, they seem to be happier and more willing to work. The sleep derived stress is also got rid of with the help of coffee; it is surprising to know that the mere smell of coffee acts as a stress buster.

Thus, coffee can no longer be considered just a mere beverage; instead it could be called to be an “Activator” or an “Energizer”.