The goodness of Crown condoms

Sexual intimacy though considered to be the most pleasurable acts that humans enjoy comes with its own risks.  Getting in close physical contact with your partner through penetrative means can make you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases that have acquired menacing proportion across the world.  Thanks to the widespread use of condoms that have turned out to the most potent weapon in the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that at one point of time had threatened to extinct our civilization. Body fluids that are transmitted among partners during physical intimacy is a major source of transmission of sexual diseases, hence the need for safer sex that can be ensured by using high quality condoms like Crown condoms. This is the type of condoms that offer the best of both worlds in terms of ultimate pleasure and complete protection that enhances enjoyment.

For males only

The word condom has become almost synonymous with males even though female condoms are also available. Crown condoms are also meant for males who adore this unique creation of latex barrier that serves the purpose of contraception and most of all, gives the confidence of indulging in safer act. It is true that condoms do not guarantee hundred percent protection but surely it offers as much protection as you would expect to drive away the fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases without compromising on the pleasure aspect of intimacy.

Natural feeling

Despite considerable increase in condom use, there is yet a large section of people who are skeptical about its use as they consider it to be a deterrent to natural feelings. To prove these people wrong, Crown condoms are perhaps the thinnest condom that simply cannot be felt when worn. These condoms are so light and give so much of near natural feeling that you might even forget that you have it on, while enjoying the protection that you are looking for. The fit is perfect and the sensation is uninhibited.

Excellent quality

The quality of these condoms is truly unparallel in the world of condoms. These are made from superior quality latex and is ultra thin, (it has a thickness of 0.04 mm) thus making it almost like second skin that fuses with the human body. Despite being the thinnest condom, it has immense strength so that it can withstand the stresses it is subjected to. The condoms have excellent stretchable quality that allows the best fit and has the ability to heighten your pleasure by using non spermicidal silicone based lubricants.

Easy availability

Condoms are now available almost at the drop of the hat and at your door step. This has been made possible by the online condom stores that are ready to dispatch your preferred brand in the most discreet and urgent manner. Many of these stores offer attractive discounts for bulk purchases, provides free gifts for first time buyers and even give some free condoms to encourage repeat buying that entails further discounts.