For Halloween or Christmas, one of the choice you need to make is preparing a base collection of some excellent candies for the kids and guests. Candies are probably most essential piece of items to be shared on the special occasions. Estimated that Americans used to purchase about 600 million pounds of candies every year during seasons, which makes it about a $2 billion industry.

There are plenty of varieties

You can choose anything you wish not in terms of flavors, size, or in colors when it comes to purchasing candies. Do you want it fruity or chocolaty? Sweet or sour? Pieces, bars, or cups? Going a step above, you can also think of custom-made candies too if you want such items for a special event you are planning.

But when it comes to buying candies for festivities, everyone is confused on which to choose. The simplest solution is to buy them all in moderation and make a find mix and match. Rather than simply choosing five full bags of the Tootsie Rolls for Christmas, you can think of having a nice spread to touch all the taste buds alike.

How to get a two birds in a single shot is to purchase variety of chocolate bars which covers a fine spectrum of choices. Instead of buying all bags full of Hershey bars, choose one of Skittles, another of Laffy Taffy and so on. Another major factor which also makes choosing fine varieties in the mix is food allergies. You can also account for all varieties of gluten, gluten-free, peanut, and other types some of which may create allergies in some people.

Sizes to choose

You can opt between fun sized or full sized while considering candies for sale in Calgary, Alberta, Canada . The decision making is pretty simple between these. If you want more fun, which means you can choose more candies. Smaller sizes, larger in volume is your objective to be met there. However, if you want to amaze others with something special it is full size which will help you. Here is also, you can keep a fine mix of both while purchasing to create a win-win situation.

The health tip to consider in the size decision making is the concern about calorie intake. Suppose if your kids are reaching to the candy bowl and taking the full sized one, there is 300 or more calories getting added and if they choose something like Butterfingers of fun-size, it is limited to 100 calories one time, making is much healthier than the former.

You may surely have a budget while planning to choose candies for an event. One consideration to make is gong off-brand, which can save a significant amount of money. However, you need to ensure the authenticity of the seller and the popularity of the items you choose before making an off-brand consideration. Many of the local stores sell homemade candies also, which may not be having colorful labeling or catchy taglines, but can really be delicious based on the experience and knowledge of the bakers.