Saying that you do not care about getting into shape is just an excuse for not being in shape or not having enough time to hit the gym or indulge into a daily fitness regime that can help you get rid of the extra fat at odd places that your body seems to show. Also, getting a liposuction or such surgery can be expensive, time-consuming, unreliable, and pointless. Cryolipolysis, commonly known as CoolSculpting, is a medical procedure that helps reduce unwanted fat from specifies areas by using a controlled cooling device to freeze and destroy the extra fat from your body. Similarly, there are clinics that use radio frequency energy to treat such conditions.

DermASAP , a highly reputed medical practice with centers in Quincy and Plymouth offers patients an absolutely pain-free and incision-free treatment to get rid of fat from several parts of your body such as inner and outer thigh, abdomen, double chin, and frank/side (also known as “love handle” or “muffin top”).  The procedure has been termed as “VanquishME™” by the clinic and was featured on the very famous American TV show, Dr. Oz.

DermASAP dermatologists use radio frequency energy to vanquish fat cells from the affected areas. The VanquishME™ device that is used to deliver Radio Frequency energy to the treatment area never gets in contact with delicate tissues. This factor helps in minimizing any sort of uneasiness and side effects that may otherwise occur during and after such a treatment. Additionally, the design of the VanquishME™ device allows treating bigger areas at once thus reducing the number of visits and the amount of money spent.

Who is a good candidate for the VanquishME™ procedure?

An ideal candidate to undergo a VanquishME™ procedure should:

  • Be healthy and not have any serious medical conditions,
  • Should not be more than 20 pounds overweight, and
  • Carry extra weight around the treatable areas such as inner and outer thighs, abdomen, double chin, and frank/side.

What is BTL VanquishME™? And how does this device work?

The BTL VanquishME™ device is used by DermASAP to deliver RF energy to treat fat issues on patients. The device is an improved version of the original BTL Vanquish™ and works by creating a high-frequency energy field that specifically aims the thermal effects into the layer of fat while shielding adjoining skin tissues. In this manner, it terminates undesirable fat cells over the period of four to six treatment appointments. One of the major advantages of the BTL VanquishME™ device is its ability to treat large areas at the same time which allows dermatologists to deliver developments over the patient’s whole body areas in a single treatment session.

How much time does a procedure using BTL VanquishME™ take and when can a patient expect to see results?

This procedure is specifically suitable for professionals who have a hectic schedule and time constraints. The procedure takes around 45 minutes and four to six sessions and does not involve any pre or post treatment care. The changes can be noticed after the treatment ends.