Scott Beale Aviation Talks on the Career Scope in Aviation

The Aviation industry is one lucrative career prospect. Everyone knows this to be true. So much so that it is often considered as the holy grail. Whenever you lust for traveling and visiting new people and their culture, people will immediately suggest you a career in the aviation industry. In fact, most of us have grown up to have a dream of flying. Scott Beale Aviation and business entrepreneur and expert in Aviation consider that If not an astronaut then surely being a pilot holds a key to this dream. If you are a woman and love these things then the obvious choice is an airhostess.

Often our knowledge of the aviation sector is limited to this. It comprises of three key words airports, pilots and airhostesses, and obviously the flight we have to catch. However, there is more to this, than what meets the eye. Much like the other members of the film crew, these people seldom come into limelight and get their due. The actual action happens here in the green room, aka, in the technical divisions of the airlines. So here are the different types of jobs available in the aviation industry. Learn and equip yourself for the role that suits your purpose.

Aircraft manufacturing engineer

They are highly qualified well-trained engineer having a valid license from the airport authorities who look after the whereabouts of the aircraft. Engineers of this calibre are the most important part of airlines as they are the ones who check the aircraft’s machinery and repairs any faults associated with it. This job profile might seem similar to a technician’s job but it is not. Technicians are there look about the technical faults, the machine and manual errors of the system whereas engineers look after the actual defects of the aircraft.

Air Traffic Controller

Another very crucial job profile essential for smooth running of the aviation industry. Airlines have to maintain a fixed schedule and the sky around the airport has to be monitored for landing and take-off activities. Any glitch in this area will cause a delay of flights, cancellation of flights and even accidents. Flights should run on schedule and should be checked for any error while it’s in the air and prepare for emergency landing. Scott Beale Aviation says that constant weather reports, on filed reports, are essential. Air traffic controllers monitor all these. They are traffic police who helps the pilot mid-air all the while remaining in the watchtower.

Operations Manager

Operation mangers are professionals who manage the whole system and accounts for its smooth running. They are the event managers and organizers of the aviation industry. Always scheduling, re-scheduling the timetable, arranging the cargo load, prioritize, take care projects, communicate information between the cabin crew and the ground staff etc.

Avionics Technicians

Last but not the least is the technicians who empower the system. They are the ones managing the electronic system, checking and repairing them, operating them. All installation and calibrations of high tech equipment are performed them. Though this is a seemingly high skilled job yet the minimum eligibility criteria here is a high school diploma.