Sadigh Gallery-Facts About Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

In the ancient times, jewelry was crafted from bone, animal skin and sea-shells. The forefathers of Egypt had left the Africa and later founded the Egyptian civilization. The latter is one of the most dominant and famous civilizations in the world. This civilization had the power to technology, precious metals and gemstones. The culture of the nobles and the royals inspired the people of this civilization and this is how they became a dominant force when it came to the manufacture of jewelry in the world.

Sadigh Gallery- The discovery of gold in Egypt and its amazing history of jewelry design

Sadigh Gallery is a famous art gallery in New York and it houses unique coins, artifacts and jewelry from across the world. The experts here say that the discovery of gold made Egyptian Jewelry very famous. The people here collected gold and they made it their first choice to make exquisite jewelry designs.

Exquisite and amazing craftsmanship

The experts here say that if you closely examine Egyptian jewelry, you will find that the people of that era were very fond of adornment and so jewelry was worn by all sections of society. Both men and women wore jewelry and they were also kept for their dead in the afterlife. If you take a look at the statutes of gods, kings and queens you will find that they were always wearing ornate and lavish jewelry. The popular forms of Egyptian jewelry were rings, collar pieces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, armbands and necklaces.

Gold jewelry- the status symbol of the nobles and royals

When it comes to gold, you will find that it gradually became a symbol of status. It signified religion, power and status. It was embraced by families of nobles and royals. This is why the demand for gold jewelry shot up and it began being manufactured on massive scale.  The Egyptians also imported other materials for manufacturing jewelry. Like for instance a semi-precious stone called Lapis Lazuli was the preferred material that was used for making the Egyptian Scarab.

The common forms of jewelry in Egypt

With the passage of time, high grade jewelry was manufactured in Egypt. This in fact became one of the most popular and widely- sought after trades in the nation. If you take a look at the craftsmanship today, you will find that they range across nations like Rome, Greece, Persia and Turkey. The nobles of Egypt liked necklaces, belts, hair beads, pendants and amulets. They also loved pieces that were made and designed with winged birds, tigers, scrolls, antelopes, scarab beetles and jackals. The designers also used a lot of colored glass for their pieces and mostly colored glass was used to depict the feathers of birds that were used in jewelry designs.

The experts of Sadigh Gallery state that the nobles wore expensive jewelry both in life and death. This is how archaeologists managed to come across these exquisite pieces from difficult places. They found large amounts of gold and jewelry that was preserved well and in perfect condition.