Nomatropin HGH: All you need to know

Nomatropin is a synthetic form of human growth hormone (HGH) developed with recombinant DNA technology. It contains 191 amino acid residues which are sequentially similar to the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is used to treat children with disorders such as prader-willi syndrome, chronic kidney disease, HGH deficiency and Turner’s syndrome. In adults it is used to treat short bowel syndrome, muscle wasting seen due to HIV and HGH deficiency due to pituitary gland diseases. But it is also famous in the body building world for its anabolic effects. It cuts down the fat and increases the muscle size.

What is Nomatropin?

Nomatropin from nomad labs is a HGH supplement developed in China by the Nomad Lab.Taking nomatropin growth hormone results in growth of muscle cells and is the reason it has become famous with bodybuilders. Nomatropin is available in the form of a subcutaneous injection. They market their products as safe and at a lower price. These are available without a prescription to anyone.

Though there is no evidence of these benefits many people who use GH have claimed to have seen its effects. In older people it has shown to increase bone mass and density which was found in a small study.

Though nomatropin is available for a lesser price and without prescription it is better to know the credibility of the product as Nomad is a relatively new pharma company and has less experience and is technically an unknown source to get the supplement from. It’s always better to understand the product before using it. One can go through forums and ask people who have used the product before to know about any side effects that might be evident and how genuine is the product.

Side effects of growth hormone

Any user before starting on supplements should always make sure to consult their physician to know the benefits and the side effects of the particular supplement. This applies to nomatropin growth hormone too. The most common side effects include –

  • Excess growth hormone can have a negative impact on the hormonal balance in the body and can lead to various other fluctuations. Excess necessarily need not mean taking GH supplement when the body levels are maintained in general but the hormone level depends person to person.
  • There are chances that male users might suffer from gynecomastia (increased development of breast tissue)
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome, which could be due to the increased growth of muscle and bone tissue.
  • Fluid retention or edema could be seen in many users due to water retention in the body. This is seen as a side effect on usage of any steroid supplement.
  • Accelerated growth of muscle, bone and connective tissues in joints can lead to dysfunction of the particular limb etc.
  • Deformities could be seen in some due to enlarged organs or limbs and these conditions are generally not reversible.

Any supplement should be taken according to the prescription that is advised for that individual as the health and body acceptance differs from person to person.