There are many people who ardently love football game. When your love for something turns towards the passion, you start feeling how closely you are associated with that particular game. Jonathan Bunge is an ardent football fan. By profession, he is a driver who has years of experience driving heavy-duty vehicles and light-duty vehicles. He loves playing and watching football game. However, he does not stop his passion towards this adrenaline filled game rather he shares his thoughts and views with other football fans. Since he is associated with travel industry so he is almost on the move but his passion towards the game motivates him writing about football and sharing his thoughts and ideas with other passionate football fans.

He is not a professional writer but prefers to pen down his thoughts and perspectives to share with others. People who are positioned towards something takes energy from their passion. Even though they are tired but they do not forget to indulge in their favorite activities. In same manner, whenever Jonathan Bunge gets spare time he plays football. He is not only passionate about sport activities but he also loves tattoos. When it comes to share his road experience, football experience and love for tattoos, his personal blog highlights the blend of these passions. Therefore, whenever he comes back to home, he writes about his experiences and shares it with others. He knows that readers always wishes to find something interesting in the blog. It is the responsibility of the writer to churn out the content in the most interesting manner to engage the readers.

Sport activities are important to be integrated in life for healthy and fit body. He believes that parents should promote the sport activities and inculcate sport spirit in their child. Since he loves playing football, he accentuates the benefits of playing football. This game improves endurance and fitness of the person who plays football. Plus, it teaches people how they should deal with challenges in their life. Moreover, team spirit will be inculcated. People of different ages can play this game. This game is certainly one of the most popular games among the people. Jonathan Bunge is a professional driver but he always manages his time to get some time to experience and play football. He loves to share his views with others so that he can make others understand benefits of playing football.

Playing football keeps your body fit because it involves a lot of running, sprinting and exercise. Overall, the energy consumption does wonders to the human body. In this game people burn out their extra calorie and stay fit keeping various diseases at bay such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases and more. He finds himself fortunate enough as his parents encouraged him to play football game. Therefore, he always writes about the benefits of this game and shares his views about different aspects involved with this game. Keep playing hard and develop winning spirit!