Major Fundraising Campaigns Raised by Meredith Iler for the Welfare of the Veterans

The undertaking of Helping a Hero is to connect caregivers of Houston Veterans with the indispensable resources required to reinforce the family support foundation. Their objective is to construct resilient homes by helping to alleviate tension of not having shelters, focusing on the well-being of the family, and empowering children and caregivers. Helping a Hero consist of knowledgeable family advocates and caregivers that can provide trustworthy resources and assist you through veteran hardships. They have conquered VA claims, medical evaluation boards, transition, non-profit assistance, public assistance, and caring for their own wounded veterans.

In return for their service and sacrifices made for our country, American Freedom Foundation (AFF) believes Veterans, military service members, and their families are deserving of support that empowers and enables them to lead confident and productive lives.  They do that through the American Freedom Festival concert series which has raised in excess of $1.2 million dollars for military focused charities across the country.

Meredith Iler’s focus on increasing the fundraising base among individuals would, in reality, necessitate capital well above what most organizations would use up, since getting new donors at a rapid pace is a pricey endeavour, so there is a diverse ‘model’ at play here—a growth mode and donor acquisition or a fundraising events -but the actuality that it appears to be funded by existing donors without an acknowledgement of that is a very big predicament. They also have no sense of when and if there will be a very big enough moment at which time they might expect a huge fundraising cost.

How Does Your Donations Help?

  • Expanding the all-inclusive approach toward meeting the requirements of veteran in anguish by broadening one’s outreach treatments, programs and research required to fulfilling the eventual goal of veteran healing.
  • Sponsoring veteran’s different treatments to medical programs or facilities not covered by the Department of Defense or Veterans Administration without upsetting about financial costs. The concentration can be on healing.
  • Dispersing veteran comfort bags filled with shirts, resource pamphlets and card of gratitude from you the donor.
  • Providing several resource opportunities, educational programs, and peer to peer mentorship to spouses, wounded veterans, parents, children and family on traumatic brain injury, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Helping a Hero was fashioned by three business leaders in Texas, League City. The home program was the invention of Meredith Iler and amalgamated with Helping a Hero in 2007 during the filming of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition attributing Sgt Daniel Gilyeat, USMC (Ret). Helping a Hero is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that empowers rigorously wounded veterans returning from service in the War on Terror. Its principal activity is working with the veteran to build and design a particularly adapted home to help military personnel reinstate their independence. Creating partnerships with the developers, builders, communities, and the veteran are the foundations of Helping a Hero’s success.

Helping a Hero distributes supplementary support programs such as caregiver retreats, marriage retreats, recreational activities, camaraderie, and BBQ’s. Over the years, Helping a Hero has rewarded more than hundred homes to wounded veterans in 22 states.