If you are getting married, now is the right time to think about whether you want to change your last name or not. It is a tradition to take your husband’s last name, everywhere around the world because you become one family with him. According to wedding photography in toronto nowadays brides refuse to take their partner’s last name. Is that a smart decision or not?

A long time ago, it was very simple. The genealogy of the children was established according to the mother because marriage in a legal form as we know it today, did not exist. People didn’t even know who the father of the children is. Humans were like animals.

But then after thousands of years, the humans developed a monogamous society and the marriage was introduced as a legal institution. Anyway, that is the history of the marriage and last names, so the real question here is, do you really want to take your partner’s name or not? It is all up to you, after all.

Normally bride want to follow the tradition because they do not want to offend the family of the partner, but what they really want is to keep their last name. They often think that once they change their last name they will lose their identity and be dependable on their husband. But is that really so?

Let’s go back a few hundreds of years to make this clearer. Many years ago, the role of each woman was to take care of the household which included all the members of the family and there was no doubt about this that she must take the last name of the husband. She did not have the right to say that she didn’t want to it. If so, she would probably face serious problems, maybe a divorce. The 20th century is the time that brings changes. Wonder why? Because there were lots of famous female stars who thought that it would be weird to change their last name because people will not recognize them anymore. They were afraid that they will lose their fame and did not want to change their last name. But statistics say that most of the married women took the last name of their husband because they do not want to change the tradition.

But there are also those who add the last name of their husband to their own and they end up with two last names, which is completely fine but sometimes it is boring because you will need to say and write two last names.

Anyway it is up to the bride to decide if she wants to change her last name or not. It is good to have the same last name with the husband, but if that is not what you want, then have a conversation with your future husband.