How Does Westside Family Church Make the Best Use of Small Groups and Why?

The churches have always been made so that it can play an integral role in the construction of the community. Living in the society all alone in a disintegrated formation is not a healthy sign, and hence to develop the community, it is essential to have a healthy church life and atmosphere. To create such a memorandum, the Churches do need the help of the small groups, as they cannot headlong all alone. In some of the research works that have been carried out, almost 79 percent of the Churches and people in the neighboring community have accepted the crucial role that these small groups play.

Westside Family Church Finds the Right Engagement of the Small Groups

Westside Family Church believes that most of the gatherings on Sundays must take place in small groups and the more these groups come in touch with each other, the better they plug in small communities. Considering the average attendance of Christians in churches, attaining 70 percent is not a tough job, and this can be easily achieved if the small groups can be emphasized.

One thing has been very rightly pointed out by the Westside Family Church, and they believe that this might play a significant role. In most of the Christian discipleship, the focus mainly remains on what the Christians need to know, instead of what they need to be with. This is not only unfortunate, but there must be a change brought in it. If the relationships are set right, then it is obvious that the flow of information will be proper. If the Christians connect with the real Gospel community, their exposure to proper learning will be much more. However, the opposite condition might not be right always.

It is almost impossible to build the community by way of programming. However, the program can be used in the converse way to create some pathways, which in due course of time help a community to develop and grow. The statement might be very confusing for the difference between the two is very subtle, yet highly significant in the growth of the community. Westside Family Church has noticed that when a tightly knit community is being taught with some gospel, it also helps in the spiritual growth of the teacher and the transformation is pretty well.

The very sense of community lies in close bonding and working as one. So the smaller the community, greater is the bonding and hence the strong sense of community help them to be more efficient than the bigger groups. It is not possible to know everyone in a vast group beyond a certain point, and the moment these personal touches are being lost, the communities start disintegrating. The spiritual growth happens better with others, believes Westside Family Church , and hence the open lines of communication are the best way to achieve this.

Hence these small groups have indeed played a significant role in helping the Churches expand their role in a community and therefore the attempt to associate them must be made more prominent.