Heated wiper blade – keep safe during the winter

Heated wiper blades can be found in many sizes and made for specific car models. A road is a dangerous place. In fact, it is more dangerous driving than flying. Estimates show that more people die on the road than on an aeroplane. Keeping safe, therefore, is paramount and requires that you have your car road ready. Keeping the car road ready involves many elements among which the condition of your windscreen wipers.

Maintaining your windscreen wiper

Heated wiper blades are not maintained like other mechanical parts. What is essential is to make sure that they are functioning properly. Here are some things to consider

  • Time of use – as a norm, all windscreen wipers have to be changed every six months or every 10,000 kilometres. This is because they have, like every product, a life span. Changing your wiper blade as per manufacturers term of use is therefore essential
  • Adapted for the vehicle – Just as there are many different types of vehicles, each vehicle does not have the same windscreen, hence, it is necessary to obtain wiper blades specifically made for your vehicle to ensure that they perform according to specification.
  • Verification – The windscreen wipers have to be verified accordingly. Just as you verify your car frequently, you have to verify that the wipers are not damaged such that the friction against the windscreen actually damages the windscreen and that they are in perfect working condition. If they are integrated with your car system, they must be verified when you have the car routine health check.

Safety during the winter

Heated wiper blades are important like any other car part. The fact that they are made for the winter season makes them even more important. When you purchase a car from the manufacturer, they come with normal traditional blades. These blades are for normal weather conditions, light rains, damp fog. When weather conditions become hazardous, they cannot perform as well as those adapted to the situation. Adapted heated wiper blades will

  • Prevent snow building up on the windscreen when there is a blizzard
  • Clear the windscreen quickly to keep the view of the road ahead always clear
  • Perform according to specification

Heated wiper blades will keep you safe during the winter if they are in perfect working conditions. Do not wait until there is a blizzard or some freaky weather condition just to notice in the middle of the road that the wiper blades are not functioning properly. That is a mistake that many drivers make and at the least, it may cause you delays because you will have to drive slower than usual, and at the worst, it could cost you your life if you have a serious accident.

Heated wiper blades, therefore, are made to improve the view of the road ahead during bad weather conditions. They have to be changed for the season just like tyres are changed and adapted for the winter season. Keeping safe on the road implies having your car road worthy in any condition.