Going on holiday always brings conflicted feelings. On the one hand, a few weeks in the sun are exactly what you need. But, maybe, one the other hand, you’re not exactly feeling confident about your body. Well, firstly it needs to be said that being ‘beach ready’ is a load of nonsense. If you’ve got your towel, sunscreen and sunglasses then as far as anyone else is concerned you are ready for the beach. But, no one can force you to feel confident, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to prepare for your holiday. If you do want to lose weight the one thing that you need to keep at the forefront of your mind is your health. Your health is the most important priority, so crash diets are off limits. Instead, there are small changes we can make to our general lifestyle that can help us drop weight naturally and healthily. By kicking a few bad habits and picking up some good ones, you’ll find yourself feeling healthy and gorgeous on holiday. All that would be left is to look up an online review website for betting to find some decent bingo sites:


Everyone always recommends this to dieters and it really does work. If you’re still stuck on alcohol and fizzy drinks (yes, even diet fizzy drinks) then you should kick the habit right away. The wreak havoc on your blood sugar and your metabolism. So, start drinking more water. While fruit juices might be a good substitute, be cautious about juices you didn’t squeeze for yourself. A lot of juices sold in supermarkets have lots of additives and lots of sugar. So, start squeezing your own instead and making smoothies every now and then. Another god habit to pick up is drinking herbal tea. All the different kinds of herbal teas do wonders for your body. Green tea is great for your metabolism, peppermint tea for digestion, chamomile for sleep etc. If it’s a sunny day you could also make yourself some iced herbal tea with fruit. It will keep you hydrated and healthy while helping you shed a few pounds here and there.


Yup. There’s no getting around it. The best way to lose weight and tone up is to exercise. Instead of tackling your exercise regime alone and making it up as you go along, it might be a good idea to talk to a personal trainer. We all have different ways of distributing fat around our body and the right trainer will show the best exercises to help you tone up where you need to. You might even fins a great routine that you could keep up even after going on holiday. A good distribution of cardio and weight training will likely give you the best results.With the right motivation and a push in the right direction, you could be on your way to making a fantastic lifestyle change.

Don’t cut back. Spread out

When you feel like you need to lose weight in a hurry you might be tempted to just cut your normal food intake in half, which is definitely the wrong thing to do and this is the reason why fad diets never work. When you cut back on food and starve your body your metabolism is going to slow down. For the first week of dieting you might see some decent progress, but after that you’ll find that it gets harder and harder to lose weight because you metabolism is desperate to hang on to every scrap of food. So, you need to work on improving your metabolism if you want to get the weight off and stay off. That means eating at least 1200 calories a day and foods from all of the necessary food groups. But instead of spreading your calories out into 3 meals per day, spread it out into 6. This way you’ll be hungry less often and your metabolism will start calming down and getting used to a regular supply of food.