A Quick Guide to Classification of Food

Food is the basic necessity of life. In the primitive times, people did not have to worry about what to eat and what not to, but the present times do to allow that comfort. With the booming up of industries and complexities, it has become rather difficult to find real, good, unadulterated food. Food that is actually helpful for the body, as it was deemed to be. Contamination has caused everyone to become more and more aware of what they are eating.

However, if the right quality and quantity are monitored by each one, then surely proper healthy food can be found. The diet of any person truly defines his mental condition, because if the physical condition is in order then the mind too is satisfied and happy, but if the contrary happens, the mental peace is disturbed and that in turn disturbs everything else related to the person. It is thus that eating the right kind of food in right portions is very important.

A food enthusiast from Los Angeles, Naman Wakil is also a supporter of the idea of good eating, which can be realised with a healthy, well-balanced diet. This kind of diet comprises of food from all the food groups, keeping the provision for alternatives every day. The four main food groups are: Milk Group, Meat Group, The Fruit and Vegetable Group and the Bread and Cereal Group.

As the name suggests, the Milk Group includes all products made from milk, excepting butter and cream, that is consumed in the form of ice-cream, yoghurt and cheese. The reason of this food group being important is its contribution of the nutrient calcium, to the body. It is the main source of calcium and provides smaller portions of vitamins A and D, Riboflavin, Phosphorous, and Protein. The benefits of this food group on the body include the healthy maintenance of good teeth, bones and glowing skin; along with the superior night vision and well functioning nervous system.

The meat group is the one that is loved by majority of the population. It includes different kinds of meat, fish, eggs, and poultry. Even the liver, kidney, brain and heart of various animals are counted into it. This group is the primary source of protein for the body. Iron and Vitamin B are also supplied to the body through the consumption of this group. It is suggested that at least two helpings of the meat group be included in every meal.

Knowing to balance your food is an art according to Naman Wakil . He feels that replacing the unhealthy foods of your diet with the healthy ones, is the way to achieve a balanced meal and it helps in enhancing the taste of the food greatly.

The fruits and vegetables group includes all of the existing ones, but special emphasis is given to those which contain high ratios of vitamin C and A. The best part about eating vegetables is that they give you a very minimal calorie count while supplying the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.

The last group of Bread and Cereal consists of all types of the same that are available along with noodles and oats. They provide carbohydrates, iron and Vitamin B to the body.

Combining the essential nutrients needs one to be educated about food in the first place and that is why you need to plan your food before you consume it.